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Welcome to the web of strategy and competitiveness, a website dedicated to offering all readers the maximum information on the field of strategy and competitiveness from the business point of view, detailing each of these concepts as well as exposing the different methodologies and tools related to this area.

Currently strategy and competitiveness are two key concepts for the success and survival of any organization or company, in most business forums both concepts are used in the different topics that are addressed, most and most prestigious business schools dedicate an important part of their program in explaining and deepening on strategy and competitiveness, international economic organisms have specific departments that measure and design strategies that make countries improve their competitiveness... There is no doubt that competitiveness and strategy are 2 basic pillars for any company and nation that wants to prosper economically impacting directly on the welfare of their society.

Both the competitiveness and the strategy are two closely linked concepts, we can not be competitive without having strategy and at the same time without a strategy we can not compete in a sector.

Within the objective that we have proposed to disseminate, deepen and provide the maximum information on this field, we have divided the web into 2 large areas:

Within the strategy section we will define this concept, delving into the evolution of its meaning and importance over time, we will raise the needs and benefits of having a strategic plan, as well as expose the different methodologies and tools that allow us to analyze, define and execute any strategy that we propose.

Within the competitiveness section we will go deeper into this concept analyzing it from the business and political point of view, we will analyze the different factors that make a company or country more competitive, we will see the different methodologies that measure competitiveness as well as the different tools that they allow us to draw up plans to improve it.

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