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What is competitiveness - Definition of competitiveness from the business and political point of view, linking competitiveness with the growth and welfare of a country.

Pillars of competitiveness - Factors that directly affect the competitiveness of a country, 12 pillars of competitiveness defined by the World Economic Forum.

Poter's 5 forces - Model of the 5 forces of Porter through which we can know the degree of competitiveness in a given sector

Porter's diamond - Model by which are defined and analyzed the most important factors that determine the competitiveness of the countries and the companies.

Competitive advantage - Concept and explanation of the competitive advantage that allow companies to maintain their survival and economic growth.

Examples of competitive advantage - Examples of competitive advantage developed by the company Apple and Ryanair which allows it to be in a dominant position in the market compared to the rest of its competitors.

Cluster - Definition of cluster within the context of competitiveness as the grouping of companies, institutions and organizations concentrated in a specific geographical area through which the competitiveness of the sector is improved.


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What is competitiveness

12 pillars of competitiveness

Porter's 5 forces

Porter's diamond

Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage example