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What is the strategy - Definition of the strategy from the business point of view, evolution of the concept of strategy over time.

Strategic level - Explanation of each of the 3 strategic levels existing in any organization, corporate , business and functional strategy.

Strategic plan - Process for the preparation of the strategic plan through 7 stages that will allow us to analyze, formulate and execute the best strategy for our company.

Mission, vision and values - Definition and real examples of the concepts of mission, vision and values of a company

Competitive strategy - Definition of the competitive strategy through which our company will take competitive positions superior to the rest of the competitors present in the market, cost leadership, differentiation, focus and hybrid strategies.

Blue ocean strategy - Definition of blue ocean strategy based on the search for new markets where there is no competition, basic principles to build our blue ocean strategy.

Strategy canvas - Definition and example of the strategy canvas tool that allows us to know and compare the strategic profile of a group of companies.

Strategic Clock - Strategic management tool that allows us to identify and reorient our strategy to reach competitive positions.

PEST Analysis - Analysis tool that helps us determine the present and future factors that influence the external environment in which our company is located.

Value Chain - Strategic tool that allows us to analyze and optimize the internal and external activities that a company develops in order to find sources of competitive advantages.

Strategic Matrix - Set of analysis tools that help us to take decisions about the best strategy to execute, examples of strategic matrix with their advantages and disadvantages.

BCG Matrix - Strategic tool that allows us to classify the portfolio of products / services of a company as well as the different business units that compose it, in order to plan and select the appropriate investment strategy.

SWOT Analysis - Strategic tool that helps us to select the appropriate strategy based on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our company.

Product Life Cycle - Strategic model through which we can identify the stage in which any product of our business is located in order to define the best strategy.


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What is strategy

Strategic level

Strategic Plan

Mission, vision and values

Competitive strategy

Blue ocean strategy

Strategy canvas

Strategic clock

PEST analysis

Value chain

SWOT analysis

BCG Matrix

Strategic Matrix

Product Life Cycle


What is competitiveness

12 pillars of competitiveness

Porter's 5 forces

Porter's diamond

Competitive advantage

Competitive advantage example